This workshop is designed for both beginners and those who want to get back to the foundations of their practice. A great way to start the New Year!

We will begin with some breathwork, working with Ujjayi breath and learning how to use this effectively in your practice to expand and create space for body and mind to grow.

Then onto our foundations, the feet. How they work and how we can work with them effectively to ground us not just in our practice, but in our daily lives too. Lots of yoga toys for this one and some self massage techniques too 🙂

We will then move up to the workings of those mysterious Bandhas with some core activation work.

And finally, our shoulders. How to engage the muscles around the shoulder joint to keep us safe in our down dogs and chaturangas.

This will be mainly workshop based with some sun salutations and poses for practice.

This workshop will be hosted by one of our studio teachers, Sharon Iacono of Sono Yoga. Any questions, please email

Cost – £25

To book, head to East Side Yoga’s Website and Click on “Courses”.